Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Magical Comb

Still no proper wool combs around here, but I'm making do with my little comb.
I remain entranced with how this little comb can transform a washed fleece with dirty tips into fluffy white stuff. The dry dirt falls right out and the short bits find their way into a mulch bucket.

It's slow work, but worth it (at least, that's how I feel about it today).

This current pile of fluffy stuff (from fleece 4 that's been through the FSM vat and one scour) is being carded together with black alpaca (Freya's fleece), rolled up and spun for a fluffy yarn that will be knit into mitten liners for hubby.

The carders were a gift from a friend who found she had extras. They just arrived and I had to try them out. I'm getting the hang of it.

As for the mittens...
I've moved on to liners because I'm not ready to deal with this:

I don't know how I managed this. I've been vacillating between two options: ripping out a thumb, grafting the hole closed, steeking a new hole, and re-knitting a new thumb OR buying more black Tuffy and knitting at least one more LEFT mitten (eventually, 2 left mittens). The problem with option 2 is that I dislike stranded knitting. I've recently tried my hand at steeking and it went well.  However, my practical-self reminds my "I hate this" self that I do have a few stranded projects in my queue, including a sweater kit, and so I should practice stranded knitting so that I don't hate it.

I now have THIS:

I blame hubby for not exploding the Invader on the far left. I didn't make a mistake on the left mitten. Nope.