Lace Shawls

I was recently asked how many of the shawls I knit are still in my possession. The answer is (was...) about 22 (including the smaller ones my children now use).  I am not including the multiple shawls in progress.  I wear most of them on a regular basis as the small-medium shawls are frequently wrapped around my neck. It is only the large lace shawls that are folded away for special occasions. In the past several years I have shifted to having a collection of neutral/black dresses so that I can wear my shawls. For my most recent event I realized I need a "little black stole" (actually, a large black lace stole) to wear with my more colourful dresses.

Here is an ongoing collection of shawls, including the ones that were commissioned or made as gifts. Some of the photos I've had to download from my Ravelry files as I cannot find the original pictures.

Flowers in Bloom

Plum Crazy





I was a wee-bit pregnant with twins here.

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  1. So wonderful to see all these shawls in one place. I love looking at your work. Hugs.