Mandyz Moon - the person

The first thing you need to know about me is that the zed is silent - but folks pronounce it anyhow.

I am a knitter/knittah/knit-ja.  That should be evident from the blog.
I also like to crochet and spin (with spindles and a wheel) as well as design for knitting.
I recently inherited a large sack of fleeces, so I'm experimenting with those - starting with the cleaning process.

I dabble in needle felting, sewing (when absolutely necessary), scrapbooking (just to get some family photos off the screen into a tangible form), beading, and other crafts.

I am married to a wonderful, supportive husband who doesn't complain too much about the yarn all over the house (so long as I knit him the occasional OOAK geeky item). And he cooks. 

I have three delightful daughters. The eldest is 8 and the youngest are monozygotic preschool twins.

We live in the prairie province of Manitoba, Canada with two cat and a fish.

(not current photo - as I'm sure is self-evident by the ages)

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