Monday, August 27, 2012

Not-Identical Twins Shawls

Test knitting and final editing is complete, so I have (finally!) released the not-identical twins shawls patterns.  Rather than keeping them as "A" and "B" I have appropriately renamed them Lucy and Claire after my own girls.  It conveniently worked out that "A" was the lighter weight DK shawl and Lucy, my first-born baby A, is also smaller and lighter than her sister. The Claire shawl is worked in a worsted weight yarn.

Lucy Shawl

Despite my best attempts I was unable to combine all the charts for Claire in one Publisher document, so I settled on releasing the patterns as free and each page of that chart as its own PDF.  I have yet to master how to play with my Excel charts AND have all the pages easily legible when the charts are large.  It's easy with small charts.  The Claire charts wanted to default to some monstrosity that would require the user to glue pages together...I fixed that at least.

Claire Shawl

Both are semi-circular shawls with similar design elements, but they employ different yarn weights and different shaping methods.  Lucy is roughly based on Pi Shawl math while Claire is almost 3/4 of a circle with about 3 equal repeats - almost.

These patterns are unlike my other designs because I have actually included complete row by row written instructions! fewf.  Only because that's how I wrote the designs.  However, I did also chart them because I couldn't imagine sharing a design without charts.  Or, wait, that's not true. My scarf patterns are written, but that's simple repetitious stitch patterning. And the hats and the doll skirt... okay, so only my shawl patterns are fully charted. 

On to editing and then test knitting Homeward Bound (as soon as I find some missing notes) and Corey shawls.  Corey also is a written and charted pattern. Actually doesn't really need charts, but once again I couldn't imagine sharing without them.

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