Friday, September 7, 2012

Mini Projects

As much as I love big projects and complicated knits, I also need to have a constant stream of mini projects on the go. Something a little more exciting than a dish cloth (although I did just CO one of those for mom's stocking this Yule).
Currently I'm using up some mini handspun skeins to make hexagons like this:
lace weight.

Also using some fingering weight ends for squares.  One day I'll have a blankie. So I suppose that makes two "big" projects, but it feels a lot more like mini projects.  Actually, it feels like "using whatever odds and ends I have on hand while the majority of my stash is in storage".

I desperately need a house of my own. (No, not simply to store my stash. Just to unpack it.)  Otherwise I may have to visit a LYS soon.  I neeeeeeeed fingering weight yarn.

I've also cast on a few adorable little elephant toys in Koigu orphans for the kids.  More Yule gifts.

ETA a few more mini pics

Random ends squares (fingering)

more lace hexagons

ends need weaving

hexagons need blocking

camel-silk singles. so soft.

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