Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mini Shawl in Silk

I hummed and hawed over what to do with the silk I'd just spun. Letting it sit around in my stash is never an option for my handspun. (I already have the Peruvian Blues and the Black Alpaca waiting to become mittens, and it's weighing on me.) There's not enough to make a shawl... Unless it's mini.

The result is a Mini Shawl necklace. It is warm and cozy on my neck (like a shawl should be).  More importantly, it allows me to show off my handspun silk.  Now I'm working on a bracelet with a snowdrop lace insert.  There's plenty of yarn for such small projects.

I tested the design idea first on some fingering weight yarn (silk above is a fine lace) and larger needle.  It makes a lovely shawl for a Groovy Girl.  I've been informed that I need to make a couple more shawls that are slightly larger for her knit dolls.

Doll photos taken by 4 year old.

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