Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Releases

Just in time for the knitter's Frolic in Toronto, I have released two new patterns featuring yarns by Waterloo Wools.

The first was originally designed for my SIL Corey as a bridal gift.  Hence its name is Corey's Stole.  The sample here, for Waterloo Wools, was knit and photographed by my dear friend heath3r (on Rav). I adore the blues.  Her bead choices were also more subtle than what I used for Corey's.

beautiful bride

The second was an expansion and reworking of fingerless mitts I originally made for my husband. His bike-riding fingerless gloves actually - complete with short finger holes as per his request; never again thank you.
The new design is called Winter Meets Spring. It comes with the mitts and the hats patterns (beanies and slouches).  Try as I might, I just could not wait for anything vaguely reminiscent of spring to appear outside this "spring", so I had to quickly photograph these in front of a painting (by my sister) before sending the samples to Waterloo Wools.

Fingerless Mitts - nice and stretchy but also snug.

small beanie is snug on my adult head. best sized for a youth.
medium beanie is my new/current favourite hat

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