Thursday, July 18, 2013


Progress continues on the Lazy Dragon.  The first quarter is spun and knit. The second quarter is spun and being knit (top photo). The remaining half is being spun (second photo).

Progress has also begun on my Tread Softly shawl.  Yes, after all this time I pulled it out of storage. I prepared my start for the knit on edging. Cut my working yarn from the main body... and then realized I still had 2 more rounds to knit!
Took a deep breath. Picked up the working yarn. Proceeded to add those two rounds.
NOW I'm ready to work the knit on edging and only a couple of extra ends to weave in later...

Yep, that's how it looks right now. ;)
I'm saving better photos for the final reveal.

And to illustrate that I'm not simply starting new projects...

...there is a completed baby blanket (washed and blocked) as well as a wee baby hat (modeled on a doll).

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