Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lazy Spinning Completed

It seems only yesterday I had the small length of fibre remaining. (It was 2 days ago)
The 'easy' part is done - all the fibre for my Laziest Dragon is spun.
Now to finish the knitting and the designing (exactly how to join the pieces).

Is this photo too suggestive?

Off the spindle (Large TTT Turkish)

Waiting to be knit
I fully pictured the next stage of knitting in my head the other night while desperately waiting for children to fall asleep - just before I fell asleep.

I am also inspired to spin more. Of something. Even though I know I should decide on the project first because I do have lovely gatherings of fibre that I wanted to "plan" for.  I could work on the Suri, but that requires combing too and I was rather hoping to train my 5yo to do that.
I should eventually finish spinning the BFL for my Earth blanket thingy [rav link]- but ever since a spindle and fibre for the project disappeared from my belongings I haven't had the heart... Plus, I'm rather out of love with the project. Maybe I should frog again and start over with two different projects. Hats perhaps. Except, now that I look at it on Rav I'd really like to finish it. Maybe it will be one of those never-ending projects that eventually grows to a decent blanket size... maybe. Assuming I work on it.

I may whip up my Crimson Ashland Bay Colonial top [rav link] for mittens. That's a great idea. And while I'm at it, I should finish planning to knit that other handspun I made for mittens... because before I know it, cold winds will be upon us.

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