Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spinner's control card

I couldn't be bothered to purchase a spinner's control card. Mostly I refuse to pay Canada Post's exorbitant shipping rates if I don't have to. So I made my own. I'd still like to laminate it (I actually printed four on a sheet) and I know there are self-laminating kits at the dollar store. For now the vellum paper will have to do alone. Or maybe I'll "laminate" it in some clear shipping tape.

Perhaps you are wondering how I know what thickness to make the lines.
Here's what I did.
I opened Word.
I drew a series of lines with different point values starting with .5pt, 1pt, 1.5pt, and so forth up to 10pt. I don't think I'll be spinning thicker than that and if I am it will be a funky art yarn and I won't be checking a control card.
Next I measured several of the line thicknesses.  Turns out 10pt is 1/8". At least that's how I measured it. That would mean a 10pt line is 8WPI and a 1pt line is 80WPI. By my measurements.
However, I've just been informed by a techie that 72pts is 1" - thus 1pt would be 72WPI and I need to recalculate. Well, my measurements are pretty close at that range and it's all rather subjective when you're comparing your spinning with a control card anyhow. Heck, WPI is really subjective! I did some rounding/approximating for some of the odd numbers.

I found that the most useful pt widths were:
1pt (80WPI - I'm sticking with my measurements for now)
2pt (40WPI)
2.5pt (32WPI)
3pt (28WPI)
3.5pt (24WPI)
4pt (20WPI)
4.5pt (18WPI)
5pt (16WPI)
6pt (14WPI)
7pt (12 WPI)
8pt (10WPI
9pt (9WPI)
10pt (8WPI)

Now to put it to good use.

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