Saturday, May 17, 2014

Meant To Be

In my last post I showed off Rocky Shores with my Lavender batt yarn. I tried knitting them together. I worked through a new design. It was a big flop. Back to the drawing board for the design (again) and Robin (hubby) was correct in his observation that these two colourways did not suit each other.

I'm determined to use the lavender with particular beads I have (they look great together) and work on this new design.

Thus I had glorious Rocky Shores handspun yarn begging to be reconsidered. I decided it was time to knit a Hue and Vaue shawl designed by my good friend Anne Blayney (Annie Bee Knits). Granted, that meant I needed a second yarn.  Now, I could have sought out a similar hue in a different value, as the original purple shawl was knit.  But, really, who was I kidding (that's not me) and how would I match the range of blues and greens in my yarn adequately? No, the obvious solution was to look across the colour wheel for a perfect compliment. Blue-green, meet red-orange.  Lo and behold, I had red-orange fibre in my stash. Oh yes. I actually bought it at the same time from Waterloo Wools. It was part of my happy-yule-to-me shopping around thanksgiving last year. I hadn't intended on using the fibre together, but clearly it was meant to be!
Just look:
wondering. thinking. imagining.


a little hand spun yarn pron

and in almost no time, a new favourite shawl

I am so in love

last section is my own modified stitch pattern substituted for the shorter stockinette called for. I really wanted to use up as much of the yarn as I could. I also modified the center stitches with a mock cable instead of garter.

I was very happy with the self striping gradient in the half linen stitch (below the lace mesh)

such amazing texture in the design

warmth needed!

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