Monday, November 24, 2014

Dr. Sheep

Last night I justified last Yule's gift-to-me.  I needed to justify last year's purchase so I could free myself to potentially gift-to-me some more. Because I'm the only family member who seems to believe me when I say I WANT YARN AND FIBRE AND KNITTING OR SPINNING TOOLS FOR GIFTS.

I started with the sheep intended by the kit.

This was my first time working in 3D felting. It was fun. Not a perfect looking sheep, but I don't entirely blame myself because the instructions were crap.

There was plenty of fibre leftover, but all I had next to me while watching the TV was the black. So I started this...

And today he was finished.

He'll be flying down to KW as an Uptown Knit Mob Stashdown prize.
Yes folks, you read that correctly.

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