Thursday, March 19, 2015

All The Fleeces - Warming Weather

Spring has come early to Winterpeg - a welcome relief from our usual.  I will grant, there's still a chance of a rogue snow storm, but I'm considering it to be very unlikely given how little precipitation we had all winter.  So little that, with the exception of some shady areas where snow was piled high from shoveling, there is little evidence that winter was here a short while ago.  Kids were disappointed by how few snow-building days there were, but adults were quite happy with the very minimal shoveling required.  Most of the light snowfalls would melt away in the sun.

Warming weather has me thinking about ALL THE FLEECES awaiting cleaning at my sister's farm.  I started my research, have my notes on my intended methods of cleaning, bought the large wash basins... and maybe, just maybe, I'll have a look at the fleeces this weekend. (Except the weathernetwork says it will be below zero again this weekend, so maybe not.)  I'd like to at least pull out a sample - one fleece - to skirt, wash, and evaluate.

Fingers crossed it's decent...

I fear opening it, however, because I don't want to leave it unsealed and dirty for long.  I should really be considering storage of the washed fleeces too.  Pillowcases perhaps.

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