Monday, April 6, 2015

Stashdown and the Stash

I suffered some Stashdown Sabotage in the last month - not that I'm really complaining.

First, I won 10 skeins of AMAZING yarn dyed by Julie Asselin and it arrived in the mail at the beginning of March.  It is gorgeous and squishy and everything good in yarn.
Maelstrom (blue) and Elephant (grey). But - it's not pre-2015 stash. This will be Jan 1 knitting.

It seems I was on a winning streak, because I also won this fabulous large project bag from Boho Knits for sharing a Wooly Wednesday retweet.

 It's large enough to stuff two large projects! That's a cardi and a t-shirt on the needles.

Next I helped out Waterloo Wools with her stock destash. I took some lace yarns off her hands.

Why yes, that is 2 skeins of Montague yarn in greens you see. On the right is a mohair lace mega skein - for some crazy fun.

Fortunately, for me, our illustrious Stashdown dictators issued a decree that recent destash purchases from Waterloo Wools and Trunk Sale purchases from Indigo Dragonfly were exempt if we CO this week and finished by the end of August.

There has also been spinning on the wheel. I finished up an old spinning project (started many years ago) of cable-plied alpaca that is now a light fingering weight yarn.
So many bobbins - more than I usually work with. More twist, more plying, more plying.
Twins helped me as I was making a hank to soak.

Already on the needles for cabled gloves.

Abi is helping me to spin the fibre stash too. It didn't take much for her to learn how to spin at the wheel after working her first ounce on a Turkish spindle.

Wheel-spun and spindle-spun to be plied together.

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