Thursday, May 7, 2015

FSM - Fermented Suint Method of washing fleeces

Rain - it's good for many things such as watering plants, making puddles to jump in, and preparing a bath to create a fermented suint wool wash.  [I've linked a good blog piece about this method]

We do not yet have rain barrels, so I had to wedge smaller buckets under our drainage and transfer that water to a larger bin several times during the day. I know I lost a lot of rain water because I was out or sleeping. I did manage to get about half of an 18gal Rubbermaid bin full.

I then grabbed this fleece - which is one of the 5 I skirted at the farm. It's mighty dirty.

There is "this" much of it. Not the most accurate measure, but it's not the largest fleece I skirted so far. (I already scoured the largest)

Took this much rain water - which I will add to today if I can get more - and added the fleece. I considered stuffing the fleece into multiple medium-sized (compared with something that can hold a full load) laundry bags, but then I decided to just pop the entire fleece in as is and deal with pulling it out later.

There she is. Soaking away for the next week.

One started. All the Fleeces to go.

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