Saturday, December 5, 2015

Making clothes

I've been focused on knitting myself tops this year, rather successfully (although there are a few unfinished tops I should get back to).  Last night and this morning I thought it was time to try sewing clothes again. Starting simple with doll clothes using some fabric scraps I inherited.  I found quite a few free, simple patterns for 18" dolls online.  For my first attempt I have used this adaptable pattern from The Craft Patch blog.

For the back I thought I'd be "smart" and avoid a hook & loop closure by sewing most of it up and leaving a little open at the top for a snap. It is a bit snug to get on. I'm glad I happened to cut the fabric so that it stretches sideways - because I forgot to consider that.
Yes, I also managed to match up the plaid - somewhat by luck since I was working with scraps.

Next up I thought I'd be adventurous and try this pattern as a coat. I made the back into the front, made sides a little wider, and went for the full sleeve. The full length sleeves are a little short for this doll (I understand not all 18" dolls have the same measurements.) These sleeves were not hemmed because I decided to skip hemming by sewing on 1" ribbon folded in half and used the finished edge of fabric at the bottom hem. Since I want to put snaps along the front, I reinforced with ribbon, which also functioned to hide the fold-over. Alas, I did not think about which way the fabric stretches when I cut and it doesn't stretch sideways. Granted, if I'd gone that way I wouldn't have the bottom finished. I did make sure the arms stretched sideways when I noticed.  Pretty cute. Could be a bit bigger. I also think I'll decorate the front a little more, or see if the buttons do that for me. A couple little spots to hand sew/tack closed better.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with these and may try a different pattern next.
I may also conceded and buy some hook & loop tape.  I still have to find my snap closures (or buy some).

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