Monday, November 7, 2016

Manitoba Fibre Festival - shopping

I would be remiss if I didn't share photos of my fibre acquisitions from this year's fibre festival (even if I am late in sharing).

I did not bring home ANY alpaca NOR raw fleece. (It was tempting! I almost did.)
I really don't need more of either right now.
Instead I restocked my pretty-fibres stash so that I have ready-to-spin stuff available between rounds with the raw fibres I have to clean and prep.

Clockwise from the largest batt: my prize of an Icelandic wool blend donated by Tog & Thel, Merino-Silk roving from Wild Wind Naturals, a natural braid of Falkland wool and a dyed braid of Falkland from Generations Fibreworks, Chocolate-Raspberry merino Fluffy Roving from Cloud 9 FibreWorks (2 braids that I claimed before she could even put it on display; good thing because when I walked away to do some organizing stuff I returned to find most of the fibre sold), and a pair of earthy merino-tencel fibre dyed by Manjusha Fibres.

I was also deeply compelled to support Wayne of Natural Knot Wood designs as he added Tibetan style support spindles to his collection. Last year I was admiring (and helping others shop for) his Turkish spindles, but I have a decent collection of those already.  I haven't bought a new spindle in years and I really love my other Tibetan style spindle. This one is a beauty.

As you can see from the photo above, I started spinning some new fibre on the new spindle immediately.  Later, at home, I took a break from my super-fine spinning on the wheel to whip up that prize batt in a chunky 3-ply.

Plying "ball" of 3 strands.

Filling my bulky quill attachment, with a bobbin for comparison.
With 92 meters of bulky yarn, I'm thinking.... hat. Or mitts. Or cowl.

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