Sunday, October 14, 2012

Special Requests

As a knitter, I love when people ask me to knit them something.
Within reason.
Don't ask me to knit you a sweater...
I will gladly knit you one (one day), but don't expect me to make you large projects. And I'll be doin it on my schedule, my choice of yarn and pattern (something I will enjoy).
Unless you can actually afford to pay me. Even then, I'd have to approve the yarn and pattern.
I accept payment in fine yarns.

Anyhow, when my sister asked if I could knit my nephew a cowl I jumped all over that.  Jumped myself right over to the yarn show that was conveniently on my way home from the eyeglasses shop.  Grabbed a bulky, fluffy, singles in green and blue. Decided on a Fisherman's Ribbing pattern for optimal squishiness and warmth, designed it on a bias, had a few false starts with the design, and am now knitting away in gifterly-knitterly bliss.

Other projects can wait. I've got a special order to fill for my favourite nephew. (Only nephew... but he's fabulously awesome! Obviously if I had many nephews I wouldn't play favourites.)

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