Monday, January 28, 2013

Impromptu Spin

What do you do when your silk spinning project falls from a book case into the potty that you have just lifted your baby from after her big morning wake-up pee? (Don't you just love babies with a dry diaper in the morning? I digress.)

All dry now. This will be mini-ball no. 4 to ply.
After you rinse the spindle and yarn and fibre and set it aside to dry, you start a new project, right?

That's what I did a couple days ago and I think it's my quickest spinning project yet.
My friend gifted me two lovely batts [Rav link] from Sericin Silkworks. 46g of merino, alpaca, silk and yak down.  I decided to play with my homemade top-whorl suspended spindle again.  Finished the first batt of singles in a day. Finished the next batt the following day and started plying.  With baby-chasing and other activities I needed a third to finish plying the 120m of fingering weight yarn.

Tasty new yarn for breakfast.  Sportin' the just-out-of-bed-with-twins look. Chic.
Skeined the yarn around two Bumbos this morning (day 4). Soaked in Euclan. Now it's drying.

Back to the dry silk - the never-ending ounce of thread...

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