Saturday, January 12, 2013


This is my modest spindle collection (not including my simple stick).
On the left are five turkish spindles.  The top is the knit picks version - my first.  The pretty ones are all from Thomas Creations / Threads Thru Time.
The tiny 0.6oz is an orange dymondwood.
The medium 1.3 oz spindle below has a shaft of Argentine Osage Orange and a whorl of Quina (sounds fancy-schmancy).
The large 1.3oz spindle beside it has a walnut shaft and Ambrosia Maple whorl.
The large cobalt blue dymondwood is 1.9oz. (I used to have a matching medium spindle in this wood and it bothers me tremendously that it was lost/stolen.)
On the top right is a homemade top-whorl spindle.
Below it is my supported spindle by Thomas C. Forrester. The woods are Umbuya and maple. It weighs 0.83 oz.
That strange device in the middle is a rakestraw spinner made in Ontario. (Cambridge I believe.)

As you can see, I need to start more spinning projects. I don't know why I have empty spindles.  I am currently working my way through that ounce of silk... it just keeps going.

There is another finished ball missing here.

Silk from SDSpin on etsy

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