Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Earthy Hat

What could I do with 90m of mystery wool handspun yarn in an inconsistent lace weight? Start a hat.  I decided to simply start in the center, work a circle, and see how far the yarn took me.  Once I finished with the handspun, I went on to some fingering scraps.

I thought I was making an adult sized hat, but I've never knit a slouchy tam before and had nothing to compare my size with. It seemed a large enough circle until I got the ribbing worked up.

It will be a lovely hat for a child. My eldest tried to claim it, but admitted later that she probably wouldn't wear it because it's a spring/fall weight hat and she only wears hats when she absolutely has to in the winter.  (Excepting sun hats).

I'm not going to block it because I think it looks cute like this and it stretches itself on a head.
I tried to get a baby to model it for fun since eldest wouldn't.

But she refused to stop moving.Guess I need to spin more yarn to try a hat for myself.

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