Friday, March 15, 2013

mystery fibre

I acquired this mystery fibre from someone's destash.  What I really wanted was the lovely alpaca that came with the mixed box.

 A couple days ago I decided it needed to be spun and out of my stash. I'd tried using some for thrums, so some was already a little bit blended by hand.  I had to untwist the thrums first.  Given its uncarded state and the mystery mixture of some sort of greyish down with dark brown long sheared locks, I knew it would be uneven and rough.

I decided to embrace that and simply spin. I chose my homemade top whorl so I could start from the cloud with my hook and get some super-thigh-spin going.

There is about 90m of lace-fingering here.  It starts finer. I've already started on a tam hat with an i-cord start and simple 'pi' shaping.  Since that end is finer, I've started with 2.75mm DPNs. I plan to go up to 3.25 or 3.75mm. We'll see what the yarn says.

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