Saturday, June 22, 2013

can't show you

June is almost over.
All I can say of my fibre-activities is
1) I didn't love the mystery pattern and the yarn I was working with together. Going to save that yarn for a mystery CAL in August and try again with the shawl at a later time.
2) I'm working on far too many baby blankets and since they're all surprise gifts I can't show them online. Yet. Sorry. I know you're very disappointed.
3) I have several design ideas I'd much rather be working on. But darn those baby blankets...
4) I've been working on my Sabbatical cardi and I was half done the second sleeve when I had to rip back a few rounds. Still rebuilding, but the end is nearing!
5) Spinning on the second third of the fuschia dance is progressing well. Almost done that section.

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