Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sabbatical was not very restful

Dear, dear Sabbatical cardi.
How much grief you have/are causing me.
Firstly, who thought it was a good idea (ME) to work the body as one piece? Oh, sure, shaping was easy enough with stitch markers in place, but blocking out that lace now is a PITA.
Secondly, what is going on with those ridiculously large armpits?? I swear I did all the calculations correctly based on my gauge swatch. And might I add that I am very unimpressed that I've had to do so much math after paying for a pattern. I mean, really, what am I paying for if I have to calculate everything again because the pattern says work to X length - but you can't just knit to that length and measure your unblocked work. No, you have to knit taking into account what length it will block to. And since I'm supposed to be getting the same gauge as the designer, how about you just tell me how many times to repeat the pattern rows, what row to decrease on, etc.
Otherwise I may as well grab my own measurements, my own stitch pattern, my own swatch...
(wait, that's what I normally do)
Thirdly, self, why does that sleeve on the right look to have about 2 more stitches in its width? I'm guessing that was the second sleeve and that would explain why you had to reknit the cap twice. Well, partly explains - you should have counted your stitches more regularly.

I'm not sure I can fit those sleeves into those sleeve holes.
I am NOT reknitting any part of the body.
I will pick up stitches and fill in that arm hole with short rows if I have to.
ETA - we'll call that an armpit gusset... yes, yes we will.

I WILL make this cardi work!

Because, damn, it's gorgeous. Or, it will be.

ETA more pics after drying.
Not impressed, but I'm keeping in mind it needs a band along the front yet. Those sides still look thin - and they are definitely width specified in pattern. It's the gaping pits I seem to have messed up.

ETA - I strongly suspect I forgot to consider swatched size when measuring those armpits while knitting...  that would be the result of putting the project down for a year and picking back up, ripping back to start of armhole shaping, and knitting with infant twins...

So do I frog again??

I suspect that yes, yes I do.

(I may start another sweater in the meantime. Something simpler.)

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