Monday, November 4, 2013

Jurisfiction beginnings

I'm not looking at my Sabbatical cardigan. I'm not thinking about how much of it needs to be frogged and reknit.
I'm moving on to a new cardigan instead - a Jurisfiction by Glenna C.
Working it up with some Briggs & Little / Selkirk from Ram Wools in copper.
This will be my biggest cable project to date.
(Except, when one considers how many cables go into a heavily cabled pair of socks, I really shouldn't underestimate my previous works.)

I have finished 2 sleeves. The first was my gauge swatch, so it has been blocked. As soon as I finished the second, I had to cast on for my back. Loving this knit.

Unblocked sleeve on top of blocked sleeve for size comparison

 It really is amazing what blocking does for your knitting. This is the first time I've blocked cables and ribbing. I knit a lot more lace and I have always loved the process of blocking my lace for its glorious transformation.  With this blocking I paid attention to how the fabric changes.  Primarily I was concerned to block for gauge.  While knitting I was getting 3" tall for the row count where I wanted 3.75".  I assumed I would get gauge, so knit my length accordingly - allowing an extra quarter inch for every inch I knit.  Then when I blocked, I made the width to the diagram and stretched the length to add those extra quarter inches.

I look forward to blocking the back and watching those knotted cables grow.

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