Thursday, November 28, 2013

This is NORMAL

This is normal for a fibre-ista home, right?

Abi's practice fibre and some random yarnage in tea room

Mini skeins display - this is deliberate

FO hiding...

WIP next to the desk. Adding a wider border to an old FO I was never satisfied with.

That's where my fuschia singles are hiding. I've been looking for that box - safely tucked out of the way.

Fibre on a shelf and half-hiding in a box after the fibre fest.

WIP that belongs in the van for long drives. I think it snuck into a bag that came in. Waiting at the door to go out again.

FO that needs blocking - waiting above the living room TV.

WIPs in the living room and some leftovers I haven't stashed away yet from other recent FOs.
WIP I was working on during kiddos' bath

hiding in my newly-accessed bedroom closet... WIPs on the top shelf - spinning and ? Oh, look, hellabitch horns. And a few lace shawls folded on a shelf.

Primary WIP in the living room / wherever I'm nursing.

WIP baby sock I didn't finish for baby shower because I couldn't find the first to know when to start heel...

While photographing above WIP look what I spotted. Wonder where it was hiding that kiddos dug it out from.
craft room bulletin board with swatches and such

where the stash belongs

see, I do put some away

even if some has to stored above

...or in another cupboard

okay, so it doesn't always find its way into the cupboards...
Sorting/storing stuff is still a WIP in general...  Only recently finished master bedroom. Now I just have to wrap up the course I'm teaching at the university.

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