Sunday, December 29, 2013

Camel silk

It. is. finished.

The 2 oz of camel-silk blend fibre I have been spinning for-ever (since last February, according to my own blog) is finally plied. 3 delightful plies and still this is a lace weight yarn. Yes, it was fine spinning. The 2oz yielded 342m of 3-ply yarn plus several more meters of chain-plied yarn using the remaining singles - but I found this resultant yarn to be of a lesser quality and certainly does not blend the colours as the 3-ply does.
In the photos above the yarn is skeined but not yet washed. (Looks pretty balanced pre-wash if I do say so my self.) Currently it is washed, dried, and I'm pretty sure it will be knit up as a Lapidarius scarf.

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