Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Yule to Me

Oh happy day. My much anticipated package of fibre arrived today from Ranching Tradition Fibre. Combined with my order from Waterloo Wools that also arrived recently, I'm a very happy person.

BFL locks in burgundy and sage from the ranch.

Targhee Rambouillet roving in blues.  These are delightfully fluffy. Compare above how much larger these 4oz look from the other (BFL) roving in the group photo. Note Waterloo Wool's fibre is the density I am used to buying. Don't want you to think hers is more compacted.

More of the TR roving to match the burgundy locks. I'll be playing with spinning these together.

From Waterloo Wools, some oceany BFL and pumpkin spice BFL roving. Nom!

My favourite vintage (colourway) Kirkland lace for my own Carménerè shawl (which I had also test knit/ made the sample for Waterloo Wools).

 And some more of my favourite lace - Montague. This purple will be a new sample of my Battle-Weary Dragon shawl for Waterloo Wools.
Another picture - this one with sunlight - of my new handspun.

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