Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spring Please

What to do with those first couple skeins of wheel-spun white alpaca and spindle-spun, wheel-plied merino? Neither yarn was my best work as I was trying out new tools using the fibre samples that came with my new spindles. I don't even know how many grams of fibre I started with.
Decided to do the same with this fibre as I had done with the last mystery spinning - make a pi hat to use up the yarn and finish with a stretchy hat band in a commercial yarn.

 Started with an i-cord and then used pi shaping from there. As the circle increased I did my doubling earlier than called for because I didn't want to have to stretch the fabric too much. Plus, that alpaca wasn't stretching as well as I'd like. KFB inc's at the start made the fabric quite tight I noticed. Switched to twisted YOs later and did a partial increase with the buds because I didn't want to double again.

 Late night photo shoot silliness in the bathroom.

 Trying to be serious. lol.

 Serious didn't last long. It was boring.

It was fun to spin and knit, but large slouchy hats don't suit me - even though I wish they did. I also don't think I pull off apple/lime green.  It reminds me of Spring (project link)- that ever elusive season.

Lucy thought it was spiffy on the bowl blocking. Claire could probably wear this hat - if she wasn't a year old.  For now it sits by the wheel as a "sample" of my first wheel spun/plied yarns.

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