Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A little oil goes a long way

When Andromeda arrived, she was dry. Of course, I didn't know the full extent of it, being new to wheels.  But the kind folks in the Rav forum for Ashford spinners could see from my photos and my description of treadling.
 You can see here the difference between the un-oiled wheel and the gleaming bar.  The wheel wood had evidently sucked in some finger oil - desperate for oil as the wood was.

After oiling she looked much happier. I remembered I have lemon wood oil (and proceeded to oil up my wood bookcases too when I rearranged the room). Then she got a new drive band. Smoothed out the rough spot on the flyer. Joint oilings are still frequent as I can tell it's been a while since got some lovin'.  But she's spinning lovely fibre.

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