Friday, February 14, 2014

Andromeda settles in

Andromeda inspired me to FINALLY get the office/spinning room in order.  It still needs proper storage for my files (academic articles, teaching material, etc), but I've piled that all up again in the corner. (It all came out while I was teaching last term.)

 Putting the twins to work! (Honestly, they insisted.)

 Moved Amalthea in too. (That's the harp.)

 Reorganized the bookshelves and moved the knitting/fibre books in. Also left room on top shelf for non-book display - such as my mini wheel. (click to see bigger).  Consequently, though, I've had to smoosh all the deLint books onto one shelf. They can fill 2.  As you can see, there's room for more fibre books!
I also want to put shelves above the wheel for fibre stuff such as... fibre in use, bobbins, spindles, hooks for handspun hanks...

A 'before' photo. But this was after I did a bunch of clean up. So it's really a midway pic when I was starting to think about rearranging furniture.

It feels GOOD to have this space functional again and I can attribute it all to Andromeda's arrival. Plus, Amalthea got to come out of storage!
Spring must be in the air.
Nope, that's more snow.

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