Tuesday, February 25, 2014

south-bound shawls

I don't do hot and humid well (as tempting as it may be during the multiple recent cold snaps; -40C with the windchill). You won't find me vacationing in the Caribbean, or South America, or Mexico. However, three shawls I knit have traveled there.  Most recently I knit a bridal shawl for my sister's BFF for her destination wedding in the Dominican Republic.  This is a beaded Flutter of the Wings design by Lily Go knit with Cirrus lace yarn custom dyed by Cloud 9 Fiberworks here in Winnipeg.  The bride's ring is blue sapphire, so that is the colour we matched.  Her bridesmaid/complimentary colour is coral - which is very difficult to match.  Sis and I imagined she'll get more use from a blue shawl.  I'm looking forward to wedding photos (of the bride, the shawl, and my delightfully pregnant sister in her bridesmaid gown).

Quick photos before I packaged it up.

showing the beading details, which are throughout the shawl and much easier to see in person. iridescent white beads.

a terrible picture, but I needed something for size reference
Before this, I knit a shawl for my friend to wear at a wedding in Mexico. She had tried making it herself, but as the event drew closer (about a month away) she knew she'd never finish it. She had the  tip started, but since our gauge differed wildly, I restarted.  The merino silk lace yarn, by Zen Garden, was a pleasure to knit. (The pattern, while beautiful in the end, was very poorly written and charted.)

Shortly after the Mexico-bound shawl and just before I moved away from Ontario, I knit this commissioned Bella Botanica shawl for a friend to gift to a family member in Brazil. It has beads replacing the nupps because that's what my friend wanted (ooh, I'm overdue for some nupp knitting. I love nupps.)  The yarn is lovely lace Classic Elite silky alpaca.

On bitterly cold days, while I'm wrapped in heavier, warm shawls, I like to think of my airy "children" vacationing or living somewhere warm and sunny.  As spring (eventually/inevitably - right?) shows itself I'll be happy to start shifting over to my lighter shawls.  Truth is, even light weight shawls can provide wonderful warmth as they trap the air.  Warm in winter, breath well in summer - what's not to love about lace shawls all year?

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